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Lab facilities

He-cooled 600-MHz supersensitive NMR

This is the highest-performance NMR device in the School of Science and is used for determining structures and analyzing the interaction of proteins.


Circular dichroism spectrophotometer (CD)

This device provides information on the secondary structures of proteins.  The latest model was introduced in March 2014.


Laser Raman system

This device is essential for analyzing the microstructures of proteins.  It also detects changes of 0.01Å in proteins.


Surface plasmon resonance biosensor

This quantitatively observes protein and DNA interactions.  Movements of molecules can be predicted through such interactions. 


High-pressure spectrometry device

This device unique to the Lab can sensitively measure the physical properties of proteins that cannot be measured under normal pressure by applying several thousand bars of atmospheric pressure. 


Time-resolved absorption spectroscopy device

This device observes extremely fast structural changes of proteins in the millisecond to nanosecond timescale.


Chromatography system

This device automatically refines target proteins expressed in Escherichia coli or cells.


Large shaking incubator

Escherichia coli is cultured by shaking a large 5-liter triangular flask at a high speed of more than 200 rotations per minute.

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