Next Symposium

We will co-hold a symposium in the afternoon on 22nd Nov.
Program: Download from here
Venue: Centennial Hall, Hokkaido University

Previous symposium was held on May 26 (Thu): Kickoff Symposium

5月26日 (木)にキックオフ・シンポジウムを開催しました

Next Seminar

Dec. 6 (Tue.) online
Speaker: Dr. Shingo Maeda
Details will be announced.

[Previous] Nov. 16 (Wed.) 11:00-13:00 online
Speaker: Dr. Tetsuya Hiraiwa (Website of the speaker)
[Details of the seminar]


Sosei Tokutei Kenkyu
Fundamentals of Active Matter across Scales for Novel Materials

北海道大学 創成特定研究事業

Collaborative Projects

Molecualr Engine, JSPS

新学術領域研究 発動分子科学

Collaborative Societies