Sep. 23 (2022)

Press Release: A reserch article was published.

Clarifying the chaos of narwhal behavior — Hokkaido University was press-released the summary of Podolskiy's study.


Chaos theory improves understanding of Arctic narwhal behavior, with the aim of helping efforts to protect this vulnerable species. Podolskiy's research article "Strange attractor of a narwhal (Monodon monoceros)" was published in PLOS Computational Biology.


Press-released article in English | プレスリリース内容(Japanese)

Aug. 8 (2022)

Highlithed web article

Our project was introduced on the website of Hokkaido University Support Program for Frontier Research (written in Japanese).


Aug. 2 (2022)

Progress Report

The previous symposium was reported on the website of Creative Research Institution of Hokkaido University (written in Japanese).


May. 26 (2022)

Symposium was held!

Our kickoff symposium was held and 7 speakers from chemistry, physics, biophysics, biology, and information science, showed their current research results and perspectives in active matter.


Apr. 21 (2022)

Press Release: A reserch article was published.

"Molecular robots work cooperatively in swarms" — Hokkaido University was press-released the summary of Kakugo's study.


In a global first, scientists have demonstrated that molecular robots are able to accomplish cargo delivery by employing a strategy of swarming, achieving a transport efficiency five times greater than that of single robots.



Press-released article in English | プレスリリース内容(Japanese)

Apr. 1 (2022)

The project, "Fundamentals of Active Matter across Scales for Novel Materials", is launched.