Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University

動くものは魅力的! Condensed Matter Chemistry


Academic Staff

Sadamu Takeda

Field: Quantum Chemistry, ssNMR

Associate Professor:
Jun Harada

Field: Physical Organic Chemistry, Crystal Chemistry

Assistant Professor:
Yukihiro Takahashi

Field: Organic Solid State Chemistry, Conductive Materials

Assitant Professor:
Yoshiyuki Kageyama

Field: Supramolecular Chemistry, Systems Chemistry

Supporting Staffs

Lecturer: Goro Maruta

Postdoc : Haruna Sasaki


D2: Gyeorye Lee

D2: Kazuma Obara

M2: Keitaro Ogi

M2: Ryo Sakurada

M2: Shin'nosuke Satonaga

M2: Akinobu Yasoshima

M1: Masashi Nakamura

M1: Ryohei Mizoue

M1: Daisuke Yazaki

B4: Shiori Genta

B4: Haruka Takahashi

B4: Takuma Miyata

The Last Lecture

The last lecture of Prof. Sadamu Takeda are going to be deliverd on 6th March.
Place: Room 310, Build. 7.
Start: 14:00
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General Information

Two educational units, Solid State Chemistry laboratory and Condensed Matter Chemistry laboratory (its old name is Liquid State Chemistry laboratory), were merged, and new Condensed Matter Chemistry laboratory was launched.
Since we have not opened website for the new unit, please visit the websites of the original laboratories to get the detail information.

Condensed Matter Chemistry laboratory
Solid State Chemistry laboratory


Recent significant research results were press-released from Hokkaido University. You can find our results from public news sites.

Press-Release Article (in English)

Press-Release Article (in English)


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