Major Equipment

SQUID magnetometer

MPMS MPMS-5S (Quantum Design)
Temperature range: 1.8~400 K
Magnetic field range: -5~5 T


Physical property measurement system

PPMS PPMS (Quantum Design)
Physical Properties: Resistivity, AC/DC magnetic susceptibility, and Specific heat
Temperature range: 1.8~400 K (0.35~350 K when the 3He system is used.)
Magnetic field range: -9~9 T


57Fe and 151Eu Mössbauer spectrometer

Moss_LowTemp Mössbauer VT-6000 transmission spectrometer (Laboratory Equipment)
Radiation source: 57Co(Rh) for iron and 151SmF3 for europium
Temperature range: 30~300 K (He cryostat CryoMini, Iwatani)


Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer

ESR RE-2X spectrometer (JEOL)
Temperature range: 4.2~300 K


TG-DTA (Thermogravimetry and differential thermal analyzer)


TG-DTA 2000S (Mac Science)
Temperature range: 300~1773 K


Powder X-ray diffraction diffractometers


RINT-2200 diffractometer (Rigaku) and MultiFlex diffractometer (Rigaku)
X-ray source: Cu-Kα and Mo-Kα
Temperature range: 20~300 K (RINT) and 300~1700 K (MultiFlex)


Electric furnaces


8 muffle furnaces (~1473 K), 3 Kanthal super furnaces (~1973 K), 10 Siliconit furnaces (for gas flow, ~1573 K), etc.


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