To elucidate the mystery of life using the words of molecules

To elucidate the mystery of life using the words of molecules We are trying to understand biological phenomena that occur within cells at a molecular level.
“Chemistry” is not a “subject” of research, but a powerful “method” of understanding natural phenomena affecting everything from inorganic substances to life at the molecular level. The field of chemistry concerned with living organisms is biological chemistry (biochemistry), which has a long history and has produced numerous Nobel laureates. This field has merged with “molecular biology,” which began with the elucidation of the structure of DNA, the gene bodies. It is an extremely large field of study that also integrates medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, and engineering.
Our research involves elucidating the molecular mechanism of essential cellular functions. We do this from the point of view of the structure and characteristics of biomolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids, and through the reciprocal network between biomolecules. Therefore, we are not limited to (bio) chemistry and can utilize a wide variety of methods from genetics to cellular biology to move the research forward and solve the mysteries of life.
(Note: The laboratory name is bioorganic chemistry, but this is a historical name and our current research interest is not in organic chemistry.)