Sawamura Group - Organometallic Chemistry Lab. -

Exploration for Novel Organic Chemistry and Knowledge Creation


"Discovery by New Molecule". Having these words in minds, we are seeking for new synthetic organic reactions that afford environmentally benign processes for the production of important chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, functional plastics and organic electronic materials. This is generally called "Green Chemistry". Crucial for the advance of green chemistry are "innovative, high performing catalysts" and "new reactions that allow for efficient molecular transformations".

Hot Paper

Asymmetric remote C–H borylation of aliphatic amides and esters with a modular iridium catalyst
Reyes, R. L.; Sato, M.; Iwai T.; Suzuki,K.; Maeda, S.; Sawamura, M.
Science 2020, 369, 970–974.
(DOI: 10.1126/science.abc8320)



Congrats: Accepted Paper

Synthesis of C,N,N-Cyclometalated Gold(III) Complexes with Anionic Amide Ligands
Niizeki, R.; Higashida, K.; Mejri, E.; Sawamura, M.; Shimizu, Y.
Synlett, 2021,32, in press.







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