Prof. Sawamura

Professor Masaya Sawamura

TEL: +81(11)-706-3434
FAX: +81(11)-706-3749  
list of publications
My Frontier Spirit (Japanese)
1961 Born in Kochi
1989 Ph.D. Kyoto University
1989 Assistant Professor, Kyoto University
1993 Visiting Researcher, Harvard University (–94)
1995 Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1995 Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
1996 Lecturer
1997 Associate Professor
2001 Professor, Hokkaido University
Awards and Honors
1990 Eizai Award Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan
1996 The Chemical Society of Japan Award for Young Chemists
2007 OMCOS Poster Prize in Organometallic Chemistry
2008 Visiting Lectureship Award from National Science Council, Taiwan
2008 Asian Core Program (ACP) Lectureship Award
2012 Chemical Society of Japan Award for Creative Work
2012 Asian Core Program (ACP) Lectureship Award(2012)
2013 Asian Core Program (ACP) Lectureship Award(2013)
2014 Hokkaido University President's Award for Outstanding Research
2015 SSOCJ Nissan Chemical Industries Award for Novel Reaction and Method 2014
2017 Nagoya Medal (Silver Medal)
2018 Negishi Award
2019 Synthetic Organic Chemistry Award
2020 Hokkaido University President Award for Outstanding Education and Research
2021 The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Awards for Science and Technology-Research Category
  Tetrahedron, Consulting Editor
  Tetrahedron Letters, Consulting Editor
  Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, International Editorial Advisory Board Member