Assoc. Prof. Shimizu

Associate Professor  Yohei Shimizu

TEL: +81(11)-706-2719
FAX: +81(11)-706-3749
list of publications
1984 Born in Nagano
2011 Ph.D. The University of Tokyo
2011 Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
2012 Visiting Scientist, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge (Prof. Matthew J. Gaunt)
2018 Lecturer, Hokkaido University
2020 Associate Professor, Hokkaido University
Awards and Honors
2009 Student Oral Presentation Award in 35th “Hannou to Gousei no Sinpo” Symposium, Japan
2013 Best Poster Prize in Frontires in Chemistry, Armenia (ArmChemFront)
2015 TORAY Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan
2018 The Young Scholar Lectures of The Chemical Society of Japan
2019 The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan Award for Young Scientists
2020 Thieme Chemistry Journals Award 2020