About Photo-Excitonix

A substance transitions to an “excited state” when it absorbs light. Skillful control of this “excited state” can create energy more efficiently, speed up pathological diagnosis, and treat cancer with fewer side effects.

So far, the control of excited states has been mainly based on a trial-and-error approach. However, it is becoming possible to control them as desired by taking advantage of computational chemistry and big data analysis, which are the strengths of our University.

This project will realize “photoexcitonix,” in which the excited states of substances are managed based on rational thinking, and applied to optical environmental energy technology, optical diagnosis, and optical medicine. The following four teams from the 12 departments of our University will work to achieve this objective.

  • Chemical Excitonix Team
    Aiming for advanced environmental protection and new chemical energy production
  • Soft Excitonix Team
    Aiming to disseminate new extreme energy-saving technologies
  • Nano Excitonix Team
    Building an innovative pathology diagnosis system with AI image recognition
  • Bio Excitonix Team
    Realizing the light cancer therapy