Active Matter across Scales for Novel Materials

What is this group

Establishment of a methodology for creating a new active matter from scratch based on a unified understanding of the operating principle of swarming motion of active matter across scales from micro to macro, is the goal of our research. To that end, our projecrt, entitled as "Fundamentals of Active Matter across Scales for Novel Materials", builds a platform for interdisciplinary research.

The project is supported by "Hokkaido University Support Program for Frontier Research (Sosei Tokutei Kenkyu) Project", which was established as a general initiative to "create research areas that go beyond the traditional academic system" to implement focused research based on the research strategy of Hokkaido University.

Group member of the project

The project team was consisted in four researchers from Hokkaido University, one researcher from Tokyo University of Science, and one researcher from Tokyo Institute of Technology. We plan to promote interdisciplinary research within a larger network via research exchanges.

Key words

Active Matter, Self-Organization, Origin of Life, Collective Dynamics, Molecular Motor, Molecular Robot, Robot, Active Motion