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Held in 2022

  1. Symposium on Active Matters (Hokkaido Univ., Nov. 22) 🔗 Program
  2. Kickoff Symposium for "Fundamentals of Active Matter across Scales for Novel Materials" (Hokkaido Univ., May 26) 🔗 Link
    Tweet/Article for this symposium (in Japanese) 🔗 Link

Reviews and Books

Published in 2022

  1. 住野豊, 永井健, "蠢く渦のモデル", 数学セミナー 61(1), 65–71 (2022).

Research Papers

Published in 2022

  1. Y. Sumino*, T. Saito, T. Hatano, T. Yamaguchi, S. Ide, "Spatiotemporal chaos of a one-dimensional thin elastic layer with the rate-and-state friction law" Phys. Rev. Res. 4, 043115 (2022).
  2. Y. Kageyama*, G. Maruta "Potential curves illustrating a dissipative self-assembly system and the meaning of away-from-equilibrium" arXiv: 2211.06147 (2022).
  3. S. Echigoya, K. Sato, O. Kishida, T. Nakagaki, Y. Nishigami* "Switching of behavioral modes and their modulation by a geometrical cue in the ciliate Stentor coeruleus" Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 10 1021469 (2022).
  4. E. A. Podolskiy*, M. P. Heide-Jorgensen, "Strange attractor of a narwhal (Monodon monoceros)" PLoS Comput. Biol. 1010432 (2022).
  5. H. Ishikawa, Y. Koyano, H. Kitahata, Y. Sumino*, "Pairing-induced motion of source and inert particles driven by surface tension" Phys. Rev. E. 106, 024604 (2022).
  6. E. A. Podolskiy, Y. Murai, N. Kanna, S. Sugiyama, "Glacial earthquake-generating iceberg calving in a narwhal summering ground: The loudest underwater sound in the Arctic?" J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 151, 6–16 (2022).
  7. A. M. R. Kabir*, T. Munmun, K. Sada, A. Kakugo*, "Fluctuation in the Sliding Movement of Kinesin-Driven Microtubules Is Regulated Using the Deep-Sea Osmolyte Trimethylamine N-Oxide" ACS Omega 7, 18597–18604 (2022).
  8. M. Akter, J. J. Keya, K. Kayano, A. M. R. Kabir, D. Inoue, K. Sada, A. Kuzuya, H. Asanuma, A. Kakugo*, "Cooperative cargo transportation by a swarm of molecular machines" Science Robotics 7 eabm0677 (2022). DOI:10.1126/scirobotics.abm0677.
  9. G. Lee, Y. Kageyama*, S. Takeda, "Site-selective spin-probe with a photocleavable macrocyclic linker for measuring the dynamics of water surrounding a liposomal assembly" Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 95, 909–921 (2022).
  10. K. Matsumoto, Y. Nishigami, T. Nakagaki*, "Binocular stereo-microscopy for deforming intact amoeba" Optics Express 30, 2424–2437 (2022).
  11. A. M. R. Kabir, T. Munmun, T. Hayashi, S. Yasuda, A. P. Kimura, M. Kinoshita, T. Murata, K. Sada, A. Kakugo*, "Controlling the rigidity of kinesin-propelled microtubules in an in vitro gliding assay using the deep-sea osmolyte trimethylamine N-oxide" ACS Omega 7 3796–3803 (2022).
  12. K. Obara, Y. Kageyama,* S. Takeda, "Self-Propulsion of a Light-Powered Microscopic Crystalline Flapper in Water" Small 18, 2105302 (2022).
  13. S. Ishii, K. Murayama, K. Sada, H. Asanuma,* A. Kakugo*, "Unexpected Dissociation of Photoresponsive UV-ON DNA Carrying p-tert-Butyl Azobenzene under UV Light Irradiation" Chem. Lett. 51, 292–295 (2022).

Media Coverages and Research Highlights

Broadcasted in 2022

  1. Yahoo!ニュース, ニュースイッチ、"世界初、分子ロボットの実働を実証した!" (Apr.25, Kakugo) 🔗 Link
  2. Techplus, powerd by マイナビ, "北大など、群れで物資輸送を行える分子ロボット群の開発に成功" (Apr.22, Kakugo) 🔗 Link
  3. Japan Forward (Japan), "The World’s First Ultra-Small Robot Delivers Medicine through Blood Vessels" (Apr. 8, Kageyama) 🔗 Link
  4. 産経新聞 (Japan), "世界初、自律的に泳ぐ極小ロボ" in プレミアム+1 (Feb.24, Kageyama)
  5. AZO Robotics (UK), "Making Molecular Microrobots a Reality" in Thoughtful Leaders (Feb.1, Kageyama) 🔗 Link

Press-Released in 2022

  1. (global) "Clarifying the chaos of narwhal behavior" (Sep. 22, by Podolskiy) 🔗 Link
    (domestic)"「海のユニコーン」イッカクの行動の謎に迫る" (Sep. 22, by Podolskiy) 🔗 Link
  2. (global) "Molecular robots work cooperatively in swarms" (Apr. 21, by Kakugo) 🔗 Link
    (domestic) "群れをなし,働き始めた分子ロボット" (Apr. 21, by Kakugo) 🔗 Link
  3. (global) "Deep-sea osmolyte finds applications in molecular machines" (Apr. 8, Kakugo) 🔗 Link


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