[IMPORTANT] TACC2020 is rescheduled to be held for six days during September 2-10, 2023. The fixed dates will be announced shortly.

[IMPORTANT] The Organizing Committee of TACC2020, have decided to postpone the TACC2020 conference, scheduled on September 7-12, 2020.

The 5th conference of Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry (TACC) will take place on September 7-12, 2020 in Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.

[ALERT!] The organizer will offer the hotel accommodation ONLY ON THE REGISTRATION WEB. Please be aware of phone call from the swindler asking the hotel reservation.

TACC conference series has been held every four year since 2004, and TACC2020 follows the last conference (TACC2016) chaired by Prof. Michel Dupuis and held in Seattle. The previous conferences can be found in this page.

Currently, theoretical and computational chemistry, which is the main theme of this conference, is indispensable to proceed chemical researches. In this conference, the theoretical and computational methodologies in quantum chemistry, molecular mechanics, dynamics, and chemoinformatics will be discussed together with their applications to catalytic reactions, materials sciences, bioscience, and so on. This conference will offer an excellent opportunity to present cutting edge researches and exchange ideas.