Oral Presentation

  • Plenary Lectures: 45 minutes (35 + 10 minutes)
  • Invited Lectures: 30 minutes (25 + 5 minutes)
  • Contributed Talks: 15 minutes (12 + 3 minutes)

Please note that the time listed above is the total time for each presentation, including PC connection and discussion. A bell will signal the end of the presentation and discussion. Presenters should connect their own PCs or other devices to the presentation. Optionally, presenters can bring their presentation files (only ppt and pdf are acceptable) on USB or other portable drive.

Poster Presentation

Poster sessions will be held on Sep. 5 and 7 in Centennial Hall, School of Medicine. The size of each poster board is 210 × 90 cm (height × width). A presenter should place his/her poster on the poster board where his/her presentation number appears. Please attach your poster to the poster board before 5 PM on the day of your presentation. Presenters with odd-numbered poster boards should present between 5 PM and 6 PM and those with even-numbered poster boards should present between 6 PM and 7 PM. Please remove your poster immediately after your poster session. The organizer will dispose of posters that are not removed by the presenters.

Student Poster Prize

Sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry and HPC Systems Inc., several Student Poster Prize winners will be selected from among the student poster presenters. The prize winners will be announced at the Banquet on Sep. 8 and the Closing Ceremony on Sep. 9.